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Clamp Gasket / Seal

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Product code Description Size&Type
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90CG0H40K5-203 Clamp Gasket – Kit-5 pcs 4’’HD
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90CG0H50K5-203 Clamp Gasket – Kit-5 pcs 5’’HD
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90CG0M55K5-203 Clamp Gasket – Kit-5 pcs 5 ½’’SK
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* If you are unsure about the specifications or want to order a larger quantity, please click and submit us your question. It will be our pleasure to respond to you as soon as possible.

Gaskets are necessary to seal the pipes/hoses being connected by the clamps.
Minimum order is per 5 pieces package.
Don’t see the product with the desired specifications; simply call or email us and we will assist you.